Daily Prompt – Core!

My perspective on core values….


Change is always good, but not when it comes to changing your core values.

Core values are like roots, the deeper they seep in, the stronger they make you.

A generation built on strong core values, will emerge into a healthy nation.

Seeds of core values instilled in children will sprout into a strong tree, able to withstand any storm.


How challenging do you think it is in today’s world, to instill core values in children?



Daily Prompt – Tantrum!


Mundane moments

oscillating moods

unreasonable demand

met with disapproval

emotional outburst

flaring tempers

torrential downpour

raucous screams

failed reasoning

loud tirades

time out!

Oh! it’s such a challenge

to handle children’s tantrums!

Daily prompt – Fabric


Beneath the fabric of love

dreams of passion weave

intricate designs of rhapsodic rhythm,

threads seam in total surrender

to paint bold strokes of red

fervent kisses sew a sensuous hem

motifs of tender caress lace it

sealing it with an intimate fusion

Oh! the romantic soul is draped

with an amorous blanket!

Daily Prompt – Above


When death hovers above me

knocking at my door,

whispering my name,

to take me on a journey beyond,

I wonder what I will feel?

Will I look back at life, content

or will it be a bagful of regret?

Will I raise a toast to life’s beautiful moments

or feel, could have let go of tiffs, to create more of them?

Will I be happy at the wealth amassed

or will the balance tilt in favor of my kind deeds?

Will I be remembered for my achievements

or for the smiles I brought to people’s faces?

Will I be able to allay my fears of death

or embrace it with open arms?


These questions often makes me pause and tread differently!

Daily prompt – Puzzled


I am puzzled at the never ending puzzles that life puzzles us with.

Will I ever find all the pieces to make a perfect picture of life?

Nah, I doubt that. But then, I tell myself,

Just focus on being the piece you are.  Then you are doing the part that completes the picture.

Life is beautiful with all its imperfections!

Do you agree with me?

Daily prompt – Trill


Nestled in a valley veiled in a blanket of mist

 a gentle brook gurgles with laughter

the cool breeze brings with it  fresh woody fragrance

golden rays at dawn imbues a warm glow

wisps of clouds waft across the blue yonder

meandering butterflies whisper secrets

 birds  enjoy their flight of freedom

 the canopy of trees soothe the weary traveller

wild blooms dance in gay abandon

intense trill of the insects ring in

 the harmony of nature reverberates,

I sit in this paradise on earth

and indulge in some soul therapy!



The air pregnant with the northern winds

embraces the earth with a shivering hug

kisses the dull morning sky with a misty spell

under the blanket of the opaque fog.

A witness to this winter morning ritual

the coy and shy flowers smile tenderly

the gentle rays of the sun peeking

through the stale grey clouds

creating gleaming patterns of mosaic

on the landscape painted in a monochrome.

Buried greenery, frosted pathways

lashing winds, chattering teeth,

smoky conversations and frozen whispers,

It’s time to enjoy the seasonal beauty

that winter brings along!


In response to daily prompt : Conversation

Daily Prompt – Cozy!


Lost in a dreamy slumber

snuggling under the blanket

in the warmth of the cozy bed,

the cocoon of  the lulling reverie

shattered by the shrill of the alarm

to be snoozed, until it loses patience

and goes off again, its ire more obvious!

Oh, it is such a gigantic effort

to get out of bed on a cold winter morn!

Daily Prompt – Surreal


I left my friends in their slumber world and trekked along the path. I hadn’t driven miles into nature to miss the beautiful sunrise. I was happy I took that decision, for the sight that welcomed me was surreal. The twilight was fading away to make way for the golden rays of the sun seeping in through the misty landscape. The crimson rays enveloped and caressed the entire panorama with all its love and warmth. The bird’s chirp added a melody to the graceful sway of the dew drops on the leaves. My heart fluttered to the silky touch of the petals dancing in gay abandon in the morning breeze. I watched the meandering butterflies whispering secret messages to the flowers. I sat there in a trance, mesmerised by the magic of the mystical morning. A sense of euphoria engulfed me as I marvelled at the handiwork of nature!

Daily prompt – Thorny


The thorny stem

doesn’t deter the rose

from radiating its beauty.

The petals woven so delicately

in a myriad hues, so appealing

diffusing its fragrance, so divine

swaying in the breeze, so gently.

It imparts a lesson for all

to cling on to our

hopes and dreams

steadfast and determined,

in spite of the thorns in life

to blossom with grace ,

to an embodiment of perfection!

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