Daily prompt – Trill


Nestled in a valley veiled in a blanket of mist

 a gentle brook gurgles with laughter

the cool breeze brings with it  fresh woody fragrance

golden rays at dawn imbues a warm glow

wisps of clouds waft across the blue yonder

meandering butterflies whisper secrets

 birds  enjoy their flight of freedom

 the canopy of trees soothe the weary traveller

wild blooms dance in gay abandon

intense trill of the insects ring in

 the harmony of nature reverberates,

I sit in this paradise on earth

and indulge in some soul therapy!


39 thoughts on “Daily prompt – Trill”

  1. I am thinking, to myself do such valleys exist now. I’m from the Kathmandu valley, and your poem would describe its beauty 100 years ago. Sad to say, the capital of Nepal is polluted as hell.Seems like beautiful valleys can be found only in poem nowadays.

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    1. That’s really sad. Man has plundered nature beyond doubt. But there are are a few places which are still so pristine, which is still untouched by him. I only hope we do realize the wrong we are doing in treating nature before it is too late. Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend.

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  2. What a Trill is this Radhika!
    Is there a place like this on Earth, I shall wander to find it for I too…’I sit in this paradise on earth
    and indulge in some soul therapy!’
    Wonderful! Beautiful!
    Please tell me if you find some therapies Please!

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