Let Me Grow!


 over analytical

 hawk eyed vision,

your protective streak

overwhelms me.

Stop controlling…

Dad! Please let me grow!

Sadje’s WDYS #73!


Never ending questions…


Godogcafe’s Tuesday writing prompt : Pick 3 words with “w” and use it in any form of writing.

Why, where, when, which, what

a mom’s most used glossary

dialogue with kids

It is an inherent quality in mothers, the world over to worry about the welfare of their children. While it good to care about their well-being, too much of questioning irritates them and children feel stifled in such an environment.While parenting styles have undergone a  total shift today, adapting to the changing times, these questions continue to be the favorites in a mother’s vocabulary while talking to her children.

What do you think?

Terrible Two’s!

In response to secretkeeper.net’s prompt # 151, to use the following 5 words in a poem or fiction.


A nonet in response to the above.

(Nonet (9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1) progression downward of syllables)


 A tale of many a harried mom

trying in vain to tame her tot

terrible twos, at its peak

temper tantrums cry foul

raging frustrations

yearning for some

me time, to

 rest in


I am sure many moms can relate to this one 🙂

Daily Prompt – Tantrum!


Mundane moments

oscillating moods

unreasonable demand

met with disapproval

emotional outburst

flaring tempers

torrential downpour

raucous screams

failed reasoning

loud tirades

time out!

Oh! it’s such a challenge

to handle children’s tantrums!

Shattered Dreams!

In response to

Daily prompt : Constant


secretkeeper’s weekly writing challenge #129, to use the 5 prompt words in a poem or fiction.



My dreams roughly jerked away

drifting into oblivion,

for I have to fulfil my parent’s legacy

“A family of doctors are we

and that’s what you are to be.”

my fate decided and sealed!


science is beyond my comprehension


the world of words fascinates me

I paint my characters with ease

who come alive, as I dress them

with magical verses,

A writer is who, I aspire to be


my  scarlet tears, anguished screams and earnest pleas

all fall mute to their distant ears.


My calm persona is just a facade

to hide my shattered soul

mocked and scoffed at,

helpless and hollow within,

I chalk out a plan to escape

the constant storm of tirades.


I sign a pact in the dark

with the god of death

I am sure he will welcome me,

with open arms into a world of my dreams

where only the paper and pen

will be my “soul” companion!





The tiny bundle of joy is placed in your arms and you are elated to become proud parents! An absolute joyous moment isn’t it? You come home planning how you are going to raise your little one to be a perfect child. Welcome to the world of parenting 🙂 🙂

Your perfect plan goes for a toss in the initial few days itself, when the little one decides to wail the entire night and you desperately try everything that your hassled mind can think of to pacify the tiny soul.

Just when you start feeling a little confident of managing to tackle all the baby issues, your little one is now a hyper infant exploring everything around him with his hands, feet and tongue ;-). You finally give up, trying to make the house baby friendly! No matter how much you plan, he always finds something new to try his hands on.

You are all excited about his first day at school. When gradually his crying bouts subside, the teacher’s complaints starts to pour in about how naughty your child is. You are at your wits end trying to channelize his hyper energy. You reach out to fellow parents for solutions to control his temper tantrums. The doctor or google too, are of not much help.

Then comes the phase of the tumultuous teenage! No matter what you do or don’t, it never finds you in the good books of your gawky teenager. You fail to understand why following simple rules don’t make any sense to them. In their eyes, you’ve suddenly become a conservative and old fashioned parent who has no idea of what “being cool”means! 😉

You wonder how your parents brought you up, Isn’t it ? The role of parents is the most complex and challenging one, to be performed 24/7, 365 days a year, without a break, with overtime thrown in when the child is unwell. The situation has all the chances of going volatile without any warning!

There is no manual on parenting. Each child is different from another. Hence the way of bringing up the child will also differ.  It totally depends on your tact and ingenious skills to make parenting an enjoyable experience. In spite of all the hiccups we as parents face, the sheer joy of seeing our young ones blossom into unique individuals surpasses all the hurdles we experience. Enjoy the journey of parenting scripting your own manual!


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Oh no !!Did I do that??

download (9)

What do you do, when you land yourself in a soup? Nothing much I guess, except that, you wish to possess Harry’s invisibility  cloak and disapparate from there!!

An incident that happened years ago, yet so fresh in my memory, rattles me even today. My husband’s office had organised a two day trip to Pondicherry. Day one was great, meeting new people, playing games and a lovely evening at the beach. Next morning we all gathered at the hotel restaurant for breakfast before heading out for sightseeing. An elaborate spread lay on the table. My son who was about 4 years old, wanted to have cornflakes. The cornflakes was kept in a long glass jar. Kids at that age have a fierce streak of independence in them, wanting to do everything by themselves. Very confidently he lifted the jar to put some cornflakes into the bowl himself. Marching behind him and warning him that he might spill it down, I took the jar from him to put some cornflakes into the bowl. And lo behold……to my horror the lid of the jar gave way and all the cornflakes fell down, scattered all over the floor. I froze!!! I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, did I really just do that? OMG! with the eyes of all the fellow diners on me, I was so embarrassed. Aggrrhh……… My son had a hearty laugh with an expression of “You asked for it Mom”……… 😉 !!

Did you have any such “Oh no! did I do that ?” moments ???

Image Courtesy : http://www.writebynight.net

Let’s learn to teach our children – 2

What do we want our children to grow up as? When every aspect of their lives is competition driven, where is the place for anything else? Be it from the toys the kids own, the clothes they wear or the school they go to, why is everything measured in terms of “being the best”? I have often heard parents brainwash their children to score high marks or else it is the end of the world for him. His interest, likes or dislikes don’t matter. After school the child is shunted off to either tuition classes or a plethora of activities to keep him busy. Even during the summer holidays he is packed off to a summer camp. He is denied any free leisure time with himself.  Isn’t it shocking to hear that some parents put their child in IIT coaching classes from sixth grade onwards! Continue reading “Let’s learn to teach our children – 2”

Why should we always win?

Last week my 12 year old daughter and I sat down to play a game of scrabble. As the game progressed, she got a few very high scoring letters, with which she made a word. In spite of that she did not get high points for that word, as she didn’t use it on a “double word/ triple word/letter”.  Using it in such a place would have increased her points three fold. I told her she could make some other word for now and try to make this word in her next turn.

She did not like my suggestion and was fine with her choice. Her question that followed surpriimages (3)sed me!! She asked me “Amma, why is it always so important to win all the time? Can’t we just play the game to enjoy and learn a few new words in the process? I want to enjoy my game. I don’t want to play to win “.

I really didn’t know how to react. But her question left me thinking…….

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