Why should we always win?

Last week my 12 year old daughter and I sat down to play a game of scrabble. As the game progressed, she got a few very high scoring letters, with which she made a word. In spite of that she did not get high points for that word, as she didn’t use it on a “double word/ triple word/letter”.  Using it in such a place would have increased her points three fold. I told her she could make some other word for now and try to make this word in her next turn.

She did not like my suggestion and was fine with her choice. Her question that followed surpriimages (3)sed me!! She asked me “Amma, why is it always so important to win all the time? Can’t we just play the game to enjoy and learn a few new words in the process? I want to enjoy my game. I don’t want to play to win “.

I really didn’t know how to react. But her question left me thinking…….


29 thoughts on “Why should we always win?”

  1. Well, the only thing that ever changes with time is time….

    In our younger days… society used to always preach “Why we should win”

    Today’s generation perhaps has more liberty… more options… more freedom…. in questioning “Why should we Win”

    And all change is for the good…

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  2. Change is always good………what is encouraging is the shift in the mindset of the younger generation of the thoughts, attitudes or ideas from the ones that we were conditioned to and grew up with !

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  3. I also got scrabble for my 7 year old and we are loving it, brings back my days. Just enjoy and in the process they learn. Also buy short stories and read it to them daily.


  4. Life has become a competition, whether it is studies, games or anything else. Mothers compete with other mothers, children with other children and so on and so forth. But when it is a competition do we still enjoy the game as much as when it is not?
    She had a nugget of wisdom in her thoughts, Radhika.

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