Why should we always win?

14th November is Children’s Day in India. A day to celebrate their innocence, laughter, unending banter, naughtiness and curiosity. Today let’s get that child out, laugh without a reason, forgive easily and rekindle our questioning mind! . A Happy Children’s Day to the child within all of us ๐Ÿ™‚


I had written this post, during my early blogging days. Just felt that it was appropriate to repost it today. It is dedicated to all the wonderful and creative children who teach us a lesson or two!


Last week my 12 year old daughter and I sat down to play a game of scrabble.ย Read more….


24 thoughts on “Why should we always win?”

  1. sangharshrat bachche……chhoti chhoti chijon ko sahejkar rakhte aur apni lagan ke saaath saath anginat sikh de jaate hain……sach men ham unhen sikhaate hain….we bahut kuchh hamen sikha jaate hain…….bahut khub.

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  2. Loved the caption in that image and your title Radhika.
    Exactly, children have a big stock of things to make us learn.
    I am having a function on 22nd this month on the eve of Children’s Day at my Alma mater of my Poetry and Rhymes recital. You know I am the first batch student of the school.
    Thanks for your suggestions and support always.

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