Daily Prompt – Core!

My perspective on core values….


Change is always good, but not when it comes to changing your core values.

Core values are like roots, the deeper they seep in, the stronger they make you.

A generation built on strong core values, will emerge into a healthy nation.

Seeds of core values instilled in children will sprout into a strong tree, able to withstand any storm.


How challenging do you think it is in today’s world, to instill core values in children?



49 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Core!”

      1. Anytime dear.. one thing I would like to add to my bit to it too.. while growing my son up, I always reminded myself one line from my mom’s mind.. “children listen to us less but observe and follow us more..”
        They will forget what u tell them to, they will remember what they saw.. So profound and powerful, no..??!! 😊😊

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  1. Wonderful thoughts shared!! I feel with changing world it have become difficult to sustain the core values to children,in basis of what we have received!! It’s easy to become parents but how many have paid attention in giving an absolute life of culture to their children!! Parents are themselves lost in the materialistic world than what asset will they bestow to their children!!
    It’s a treasure to be a parent I suppose till the time child is small as the time passes even if you give best to them , children will surely adapt the limelight of the world!!
    Undoubtedly beautiful thoughts shared

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    1. Thanks Tanvir for sharing your insights. Peer pressure, easy money, casualness towards morals, focus on material success all dilute values in adults. So for them to instill the same in children is a herculean task. I see very few parents who uphold their values and inculcate the same in their children.

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  2. This is a beautiful post Radhika, I love your image of the roots being hands holding
    firmly. You are also so right in the importance of core values, the fundamental
    values on which we build a good society.
    Today has new challenges but every generation has new challenges. It is up to
    the fostering generation to give time and lead by example. To listen and guide and
    do things together.
    I think there has always been differences in how children have been treated,
    and I see so many young parents today who take their role very seriously.

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    1. I am happy to hear that many parents take this responsibility seriously Miriam. I only wish this number was greater, as these kids are going to hold the nation on their shoulders tomorrow. These shoulders definitely ought to be strong with core values embedded in them. It is always nice to read your feedback which is so genuine and positive. Thanks so much 💜

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  3. Nowadays it is really difficult to instill core values into children. It can be achieved slowly over a period of time while we, the parents, could spend some quality time with them.

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  4. Insightful! I agree with you Radhika , it is important to instill good values in children. ” Deeper the roots , stronger the tree”.
    But busy life & communication gap sometimes make it difficult.

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  5. I feel these days there are so many distractions and so easy for kids to go astray that parents find it hard to instill core values. Even parents dont have time.

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  6. It is my belief that as parents it becomes your responsibility to instill core values in your children and there is no better way than be teach by example. Small acts of kindness can instill compassion, respecting the older generation and giving women the respect they deserve will teach them to follow suit. Such is the generation of today where we need to take time off our busy schedule to do it for them, for us and for the generation of tomorrow.

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