WPC – My favorite place

Amidst the lap of nature is undoubtedly my favorite place. No structure however magnificent it is, can be as comforting as nature. Mother nature shares her abundant wealth unconditionally among all her children. To me she is all encompassing and true beauty personified.

A painter par excellence, she paints the horizon with a riot of colors depicting her mood. An ethereal artist!

Pitter patter rainfall, the cascading water falls, chirps of the birds and insects or the roaring thunder, all her musicians play their part to perfection in creating a scintillating symphony! An ebullient orchestra!

The troubled mind finds solace under her benevolent grace. A therapeutic healer!

Ever providing and giving to one and all, making life beautiful. A celebration of existence!

Nature reflects an utopian blend of vivid colors and divine fragrances. Boundless beauty!



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