Radhikasreflection by Radhika

A big thank you to Kate for doing this interview with me, for her other blog “Meet the bloggers”. This was a wonderful feeling for me, giving my first interview :). Enjoyed doing this. Thanks once again dear Kate!

Meet the Bloggers

I met Radhika more than a year ago and am greatly impressed by her adaptability and versatility to rise to any challenge.  She has exceptional ability to weave words in the most unexpected way so please don’t miss those links to her favourites as they are each a real gem and showcase the breadth of her talent!

Please briefly share your personal background?

Daughter of an Air Force Officer, I am the eldest of three siblings who travelled across India accompanying dad on his postings.

Professionally I am a certified accountant technician.

Post marriage and kids life was busy, with home and kids demanding my attention and time.   Working as a teacher for five years was a wonderful experience. I was not very keen to work full time as our kids were growing up and I felt that one parent needed to be home. My husband’s work schedule is quite…

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47 thoughts on “Radhikasreflection by Radhika”

  1. Awesome and beautiful interview you have given, Radhika and so nice to know so many good qualities that are in you and your blog is so inspiring and all your poems too. Everything about your blog and as you is beautiful Radhika. Thanks for the awesome share. God bless.

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  2. So nice to learn a little more about a multi-talented you; and also very nice to hear about your love for baking as well❤️ The way you weave your words is amazing & I’m so glad that you share your creativity with us! Each composition, article is a treat to read & immerse in😊

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  3. Thanks. Though approaching 80 I’m still alive (not my fault) and keep writing abut old days no one wants to know about. Was locked out of WPress for weeks, but suddenly found the page on phone though not on my laptop. Blogging now on Blogspot for some time under Lessons from Life.

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      1. Me? Naughty student? I don’t think I was ever naughty..this particular teacher however had her favourites n somehow didn’t like me coz I was too honest n told her often, I could not understand her…she never quite appreciated it.

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  4. An interview!! Wow..!! You are becoming famous!! 😃👌 loved reading it and got to know more about you!! One thing that I already knew was that you are very disciplined and manage your time well (unlike me!! 😂)…always a pleasure to read your blogs and hope to learn more from you!!!

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    1. Thanks a ton Sifar for those kind words. Well about being disciplined…..my kids are now teaching me that being imperfectly perfect, is beautiful too…..so trying to adapt and appreciate a different perspective 🙂

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