Summer Heat!


In response to Secretkeeper’s writing challenge # 142,  to use the 5 prompt words below in a poem or fiction.



In the canvas of a molten mirror

the livid sun blazes like an inferno

reflecting on the city, with its intense ire

the green grass and blue water, all dry

under its harsh umbrage.


The mute trees stand still

thirsty birds circle under its canopy

the cicada’s rant echoes, as the mercury soars

sweaty humid brows drip into a rill

children indulge in indolent play indoors.


Scorched souls with sunburned faces

wait for the summer to wane

their imploring eyes fervently look up

for some wisps of grey clouds

to shower some pearly white gems!


28 thoughts on “Summer Heat!”

  1. Sitting far away from this heat, I could feel it through your images, which transported me back to Delhi Radhika… The Sun does seem an inferno in the month of May, I remember that unbearable heat… so well described by you!

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  2. Radhika, I love your poem and wonderful use of the prompt words. The heat sizzles off the screen and the images and vocabulary are vivid and vibrant! A joy to read … in unusually hot conditions in the UK and where we are now seeking shade!😀

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