Guess, its the magic of the pearly white drops that blessed us today, that prompted me to write these haikus on the rain. Attempting to capture the effect of rains on different people.Β  Hope you like them πŸ™‚


Splashing on puddles

paper boats, with squeals of laughter

children euphoric!


Grey clouds shower blessings

visuals of crops dancing

happy peasant beams!


Incessant drops fall

the swing in the porch beckons

with coffee and book!


Sweet scent of raindrops

brings in amorous fragrance

lovers rhapsody!


The monsoon brings in

a melange of promises

elixir of life!


Dark clouds seal the sky

torrents of missiles drop down

deluge all across!












67 thoughts on “Rains!”

  1. Wonderful poem about renewal, you can see and hear the joy.
    I texted a sentence that had a friend laugh yesterday.
    ” Raindrops falling / Earth sweetly scented. ”

    We also had a long period of burning sun and all is wilting. How important they are
    together, mix of rain and sun.


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    1. Oh the sweet scent of the first drops of rain is heavenly. Like you said a right balance of sun and rains is so important.
      Thank you Miriam for the lovely comment. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and experience rainfall soon!

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