The Past, Present & Future!


Recently I was watching a rerun of the Bollywood film “Dear Zindagi” on television. A beautiful movie where the protagonist is overwhelmed by an incident of her childhood, which reflects on her present life relationships.  Her personal life seems to be in doldrums. A chance meeting with a Psychologist, helps her resolve her problems giving her the confidence to view life with a beautiful perspective. Definitely, a movie many can relate to, worth a watch!

There is one line in the movie which the therapist uses during one of the sessions. “Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future”.  Such a profound statement, isn’t it?

Life can throw quite a few unpleasant challenges at us. Many, we shrug off, some teach us a lesson, while a few hurt us, blemishing our personality to a great extent. At times, we reel under its burden, unable to shrug it off. This manifestation definitely needs to be addressed and set right, else, it could eclipse our future too!


The indelible scar of the past

meanders in the mind’s crevices

whispers secret messages

forays uninvited into dreams

entraps the present

sings haunting lines in hushed tones,

emerges from obscurity

to cast a gloomy shadow

on the future.

Untangle the web of antiquity

steer life on course


the hollow memories of yore

pushes the soul into

an abyss of no return!





61 thoughts on “The Past, Present & Future!”

  1. There was a time when nobody paid any attention to past and how it affects the psyche of children and adolescents…blessed is this generation (only those who have access to such help) that people are realising that past can scar so seriously.
    Lovely poetry Radhika. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful post Radhika, reminding us to live now and not carry impossible burdens
    which will hinder the present and its new possibilities.
    I really like the statement ”
    “Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.”


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  3. Reminds me about the story of the ‘rotten tomatoes’ that children were asked to carry about in their bag until they could bear the stink no more and had to discard it. We too can set ourselves free from the burden of the stinking bit of our pasts and really it is not too difficult to do it. And when you are done letting it go, it feels so light and free.
    The movie was a personal favorite too!

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