Day 16 – Friendship!


Friendship is all about camaraderie, love and soul connect. It is a strong bond of mutual respect, affection and belonging between two or more people. You may meet your friends every day or occasionally but always keep in touch with them.

True friends enjoy a deep trust among themselves and are happy to be accepted for who they are without being judged. A good friend provides much needed emotional support during trying times. Having good friends is a gift to cherish in life.

Rooted together

warm sunshine nurtures their connect

fosters a strong bond

Do share your stories of friendship!


27 thoughts on “Day 16 – Friendship!”

  1. Oh lovely ….. … I have such blessed bonds ……..besties for over 2decades and still going strong …. although we can’t talk everyday or be together due to distance but the connection is strong………..

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  2. True lifelong friends are a gift!! And to be cherished forever!!
    But overtime as people get more and more busy in life, the friendship stage also changes…from hanging out everyday to meeting once a weekend to once a month…then vows to keep in touch over phone or using modern technology…which dies down eventually to like once in months to years or special occasions only….or whatsapp messages which sometime get forgotten in the blue ticks! Eventually it takes a lot of planning to even meet once! Specially for those who make few friends and put all efforts in them….and then the time plays its part! or for those who are very introvert to even try again! Then rest of the time is spent in cherishing the old days! 😄

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    1. True to a great extent. But if the friendship is strong I guess time and distance don’t matter. My friend and I lost touch as I moved out of Mumbai.( we didn’t have mobiles then) . But somehow she connected with me last year and we met up after 15 years. Nothing changed between us. We picked up from where we had left. It was such a wonderful feeling.

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