Day 28 – Enduring love!

Today is the concluding post of the Valentine Special series. Hope you have enjoyed reading the various facets of love as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you. ❤️! Heartfelt thanks to all of you who stayed with me throughout this month long special 🙏❤️


A couple though not perfect in all ways, yet foster a bond of a life time together. Today unfortunately it is very rare to find couples who have aged gracefully in their relationship together. The love still remains strong despite the ups and downs of life.

Grey haired, hand in hand together they look back with a smile at the beautiful memories they created together. There is a tremendous amount of contentment in such a relationship

Myriad seasons pass

memories built together

bond of a lifetime.


47 thoughts on “Day 28 – Enduring love!”

  1. Many, many congratulations, dear Radhika and thank you so much for taking all of us on this journey of love!!! This last post is so sweet and beautiful as well. What a great idea and i marvel at how you came up with so many themes and wrote magical verses to fit each of them. Bravo!!! 👍

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      1. Indeed. What a sweet and unexpected blessing – to be able to connect like this through time and space and share our lives and hearts! Thank you for being part of that sweetness in my life, dear Radhika. 🌹

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  2. Beautifully concluded maam!!!! I enjoyed the whole series…..ageing together gracefully looking back at memories created is pure contentment!! In today’s world it seems it’s going to get rare though….😰

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  3. I am so sad this is ending. Isn’t February of 31 days😄
    So apt and beautiful post to end this series dear❤❤❤
    You must chose a topic for each month and spread the magic of your words through your series every month☺
    I will be waiting for that🤗

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