Day 27 – Love for Guru!

The penultimate day of the Valentines Special series. Bringing this together truly gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment. Thanks to all my friends for being with me on this beautiful journey ❀ !


In Sanskrit the term guru connotes someone who is a guide, or a master in a certain field of knowledge. Like a guidepost, he inspires his disciples, dispels darkness of ignorance, guiding them towards light. He helps discover the immense potentiality within themselves. Today, it is increasingly referred as seers who carry the message of truth for humanity.

A beacon of light

insight to divine wisdom

nourishes the soul


33 thoughts on “Day 27 – Love for Guru!”

  1. Makes the blind to see and lame to walk. And showers love from the heavens, leaving us gasping for more and wanting to become such a source of love ourselves. Jai Guru!
    Thank you for this magnificent celebration of love, dear Radhika. The poems and your descriptions – have been just out-of-this-world —- just like pure love! Thank YOU! πŸ’›

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    1. Beautifully said Krishnapriya. Guru is a guide who helps one in self realisation and leads us on a path of spiritual growth. A person is blessed to find a true guru in life.
      Heartfelt thanks for staying with me on this journey ❀️❀️

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  2. So true . They are the beacon of light. I can thank enough my teachers for pushing me, guiding me and supporting me throughout my academic life and help me in attaining my goals. I’m so sad to see this series end. Hats off to you Radhika to doing this series. Your series took the readers through the whole spectrum of love and what a journey it was. Happy writing my dear.

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  3. Impotance of a teacher is paramount in the overall development of a child ….lucky are those who get the right teacher to guide them towards the right path and dispel the darkness of illiteracy….we need to cherish and love such gurus!

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  4. So beautifully described in a nutshell! I am so blessed to have a Guru in my life. Recently my gurudev was in town to launch drugfree India campaign. Just being in his presence is a blissful experience.

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