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Safely tucked away in a corner

is a place where I go, on a rendezvous

where the ink spills on paper

to form a colourful image

of things close to my heart

little secrets kept safely secure

of my fears and regrets

which at times scare me hard

over which I have no control!

At other times I am invincible

scripting my own success

basking in the glory

of adulation and ovation

I love to step into my realm

of treasured moments every night

into my magical world of dreams!







82 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. With bittersweet secrets trapped in my dreams and subconscious, I completely relate to your work. In fact, everybody will; that’s the level of beauty you have created. Thank you and keep posting such good stuff. God bless. πŸ˜‡

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      1. sort of…you can try the Long one…I want to see how the explorer explore another explorer findings…take it as a challenge…will wait for a Long Sidlak from you…

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  2. yes, ones dreams are very private and personal. Reminds me of the famous song of 1950s.. when i was my grandson’s age!. It is called .”HERNANDO’S HIDEAWAY”

    Nice blog, it has taken me decades back..

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