Lake, Reflection, Landscape, Calm, Nature, Water

The lock down cleanses the landscape

stay away humans balm the earth,

liberate it from their vile deeds,

as it breathes and rejuvenates

to a complete makeover.

Empyrean blues smile across the horizon

cumulus clouds indulge in careless whispers

the zephyr flirts with the virgin blooms

sounds of chirps serenade the world

sparkling brooks mirror a pristine image

boughs dance in gay abandon

the nadir glows a radiant gold, before

the night sky flaunts a starry spectacle

flora and fauna revel in its new found freedom

nature’s beatitude delights hearts!


Eugi’s weekly prompt: Dancing


66 thoughts on “Makeover!”

  1. Wonderful elucidation, R! Mother is reclaiming what was rightfully hers; sadly I cannot place my head in her lap at this moment in time which, until a few days ago, was but a fond wish. Never mind; if She is happy it is all that matters…

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  2. Nature well-deserving of your beautiful imagery, Radhika. I hope the human race will be more respectful of our planet in the future. Thank you so much for joining in and stay safe.

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  3. Beautifully penned and quite thought provoking!! However,I still think more than mother nature, its the humans that are healing or rather need healing!! This time is to resonate with our inner thoughts and hence is a blessing in disguise.

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    1. Thank you. While I definitely agree that human’s too need to introspect, the fact that mother nature has healed so beautifully, only by us holding back on messing around with her should be an eye opener. Whether we do change our way for the better or not, is a topic worth debating on.


  4. True that, amidst this Pandemic, mother earth got a chance to heal herself and the world already seems brighter, cleaner and oh so beautiful.I just hope once when all this is over, we don’t go back to our same way of living, instead we can make little possible changes to keep our mother earth clean.You have expressed the whole scenario so beautifully ❤

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