Pillars, concrete, skyscrapers,

greens gobbled up by the greys

the natural rocky terrain

bulldozed recklessly,

fly overs crisscrossing

a congested mayhem prevails.


Erratic weather, hotter summers

whimsical moods of the rains

winters gone into hibernation,

the starry night sky enshrouded

under a perpetual veil of smog.


Commuters braving the

serpentine traffic lines

inching ahead at snails pace

blatant disregard to rules

patience a waning virtue

burdened by stress and chaos.


Calm and relaxed lifestyle

seems to be a dream of yore.

Where is my city heading to,

in the name of progress,

Can’t it see the deadly noose

waiting to choke it to death?



Please pardon my rant…..the result of getting stuck in a traffic jam for over 2 hours!


67 thoughts on “Mayhem!”

  1. This post by u speaks volumes about your creative credentials and it is par excellence the way u have managed to pull off such a different theme…its really sad to see our so dear country to be bereaved of its heart warming beauty as we watch helplessly…
    Wonderfully said👍🏻

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    1. Thank you my friend for the lovely appreciation 💖.
      I am truly saddened about how we are depleting our natural resources in the name of progress, without a thought for the world we are going to leave behind for the coming generations.

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  2. You are such an artist with words. Wish the powers-that-be could hear them, see them and feel them in their heart as you do in yours – and convey to us. Thank you for raising your voice on this – it is absolutely heartbreaking – every aspect of it. 😦

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      1. I so, so hear you. But we too are a party to it – we want the comforts of a global lifestyle without paying the price. It almost feels like unless all of us awaken and scream against this global catastrophe of good living (which is devastating Mother Earth) the political and corporate forces will continue to do what they like — ok, am i being too intense here? Sorry if I said anything out of place. 🙂

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      2. When the citizens feel the angst against callous attitude of the political parties, I guess the voice comes out loud and strong K. Last year the local residents here put up a strong protest for almost a year against the government’s move to eat away a huge botanical garden for an SEZ and building some flyovers. Kudos to the people, senior citizens to kids, all who relentlessly fought against the order, to ensure that the green park remained.

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      3. Kudos to them and kudos to YOU my sweet Radhika for your heartfelt words. i do believe that when we each offer our energy – in our own ways – with protests, beautiful words, prayers – the balance of nature changes and Mother Earth smles at us. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. I cannot blame you, Radhika, but your expressions (even when under frustration) is beautiful!
    I have myself spent a big chunk of my days during my vacation on the roads. There have been times when I started 2 hours early and reached my destination only an hour late. Whatever happened to the rules. This morning, I read about residents in Delhi chocking in the blanket of heavy smog. Is this what we and our children need to bear in the name of development? Seriously, where are we going?

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  4. Such a true rant of the considerate mind! Every line is hard hitting … things are turning to worse with our over exploitation of earth’s resources and the selfish humans are least bothered about that!! The changing weathers, lesser rains, almost no winters, crazy pollution levels, depleting water resources, choking rivers, plastic menace and war and hatred all around! Makes me depressed … the plastic ban in Maharashtra if you remember sometime ago…well i dont see it getting implemented and people and shopkeepers are slowly back to using it again!! The wetlands of goregaon which have mangroves were recently opened up by the govt for development and builders’ mouth are watering now…another green land going to be destroyed! And thousands of trees in aarey colony to be chopped for metro shed…dont know where we are heading….and govt is more concerned about renaming cities and spending crores on statues!!

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    1. Absolutely agree with you Sifar. When the common man like you and me can see the grave we are digging for ourselves, I wonder why the government is turning a blind eye to blatant erosion of the environment.
      The same story of plastic ban is true for many cities in India. They fail to understand that all the money they make by allowing these activities will not bail them out of the dire situations they will find themselves in, a few years down the line.

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      1. That’s true! They are only concerned with short term gains….the consequences are going to be horrific in long run…even now the effects are visible with the pollution levels we see in delhi…need for masks and air purifiers at homes….the huge rise in cancer cases….the decline in forest cover…the rising cases of man-animal conflicts…etc…i dont see any genuine efforts by govt…they are more concerned in blowing up non-issues…whichever party comes to power the effect is the same!

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