Before it is too late….

Richa’s Freedom of expression challenge : Revival

Cyclone, Forward, Hurricane, Storm, Clouds

Mother earth asphyxiates

held captive in her own home

chained to the callous attitude of man

crumbling under the debris of plastic

gasping for a breath of fresh air

her shrunken and wrinkled beauty

a glaring testimony ,

to her ailing symptoms.

Its time we hear her cries ,

heal her body and revive her soul,

before she succumbs,

annihilating life!


58 thoughts on “Before it is too late….”

  1. Radhika, a powerful message sent on how we abuse Mother earth with our greed and something that will take years to heal, the destruction of planets and your poetry addresses the anger, sorrow and sorry fate we live in.

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  2. So sad and true. But you know Radhika Mother Nature cries more for us, her lost children. She has survived 4 billion years and shall survive another many billions. If we don’t learn we may vanish one day 😌

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  3. The ancients called the Earth the mother of humankind. Your poem captures how badly humankind is treating her. If we do not change, Earth will be our mother no more, and this should be a warning to us all.

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