The fear of failure!

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“The greatest mistake we make is living in the constant fear that we make one “ John. C. Maxwell

They say failure is the stepping stone to success….yet we are afraid to fail, aren’t we? We are hopeful that all our endeavors culminate in success. Many skip an opportunity if they are unsure of a positive outcome.

If we learn from our mistakes, then why are we always so wary not to make one?

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of not learning from them”.

Looking back, I believe that all through our childhood we were conditioned to do everything right. Failure was looked down upon at school and among friends. People would be chided or belittled for going wrong, not to mention the tirade that followed, “It’s your fault”, “You can never get anything right”, “I told you so”….the list of such degrading comments never ceased.

Acceptance for failure is never total. I guess that is primarily the reason we still shun any form of failure!

“People often avoid making decisions out of the fear of making a mistake. Actually the failure to make decisions is one of life’s biggest mistakes”. Noah Winberg

Would love to know your opinion on this.


45 thoughts on “The fear of failure!”

  1. I agree. To a great extent, I feel in the moulding of a child, the fear of failure, is built in by the bringing up of a child. The fear of the caregiver, is transferred on to the child. The child grows up with it and it becomes his/her inherent nature.
    The pattern needs to be broken, to actually think of failure as a stepping stone to success.

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  2. I totally agree with your profound words of truth on failure, Radhika. Failure are stepping stones to success, if we do not fail how will we learn to bravely take baby steps and succeed in life. Worry and fear are the main obstacles of failure. Too good post.

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  3. That is a very well written article, Radhika.
    Well…I have never given a thought to it in that manner – a “what if” thought of failure has never even been considered when starting out on anything. Yes, I morbidly fear losing (ever since childhood), and that has probably driven me to play to win…or it may even be my overt optimism that shuns all negative thoughts. It’s very complex.
    But yes, failure, whenever it has come – and it has – has been a lesson learnt well and the reasons searched for and duly noted as not to be repeated. 🙂

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    1. So very glad to read your perspective on this Narendra. I must say that you’ve got the right approach to life and learning. Once you overcome the apprehension of “what if,” I guess that converts to ” I will emerge stronger” from each obstacle I face. Keep up the spirit 👍

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  4. Impressed by your blog🤩
    People think that failure is inferior or imperfect and thay give up. But what they don’t think is besides that, it have many benefits us in many positive ways.
    I also wrote about it in my blog, so lemme know your thoughts on that.


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