Two sides of a coin…

In response to Bulbul’s 20 word story, I have written two tales…one happy and another sad.

Hectic lifestyle had taken a toll on Sachi’s life. Quarantine introduced her to her unknown self, which lay buried deep.

Tested positive and in quarantine, he could not attend his mother’s funeral. The feeling of absolute helplessness numbed his heart.


80 thoughts on “Two sides of a coin…”

  1. This really stands out to me: “introduced her to her unknown self, which lay buried deep.” There’s always more we can learn about ourselves, it seems. You always bring the power with such few words. I guess I say that a lot, but it’s really really true.

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    1. Thanks for your constant support and encouragement Benjamin. Appreciate it 🙏.
      The frenzied pace at which life zooms by, leaves us very little time for anything else apart from work. The only positive of this quarantine has been getting some time on hand to bring to fore our dormant interests.

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      1. Welcome. You’re so write. Life is mostly work and sleep so you can work again. It’s nice to find the time for interests and friends and family. Stay safe!


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