The Soul!

Once upon a time, billions of eons ago

it all started with a speck.

The vast expanse beyond the cerulean skies

embraced within it

 infinite planets, galaxies and milky ways.

It intrigued and fascinated

Astronomers and Astrologers alike,

who postulated many theories.

The spiritual seeker,

ruminated on the realms of the cosmos

 to question our very existence

in this vast evolutionary journey,

to fathom its aura of cryptic mysticism.

Seeking divine guidance,

from the abundant energy of the universe

finally realising that  

the body and the paraphernalia

is just ephemeral,

the real truth is our inner core,

the soul.

V. J’s weekly challenge #113 : How it all started

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Cosmos


70 thoughts on “The Soul!”

  1. And the immortal souls of so many we knew and were connected too – which wander timelessly across that vast infinite space of ether must be the reason of the awe and primordial connection we feel when we sit under the vast starlit night skies. Beautiful poem Radhika, evokes deep thoughts.

    Made me yearn for holidays again – I had seen such amazing starry skies in Gokarna and Masinagudi, was torn between seaside and jungles, trying to book accommodation when Covid happened. Now waiting for it to get over, I cannot imagine looking at such wonderful vista with masks on πŸ˜›

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      1. Thank you Radhika for providing links to that post, I enjoyed it immensely, the beauty of the mystical starlit night is beautifully captured in your post, a very enjoyable read!

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  2. Help please lol. I want to share this to my blog. When I did and checked it had my name at the top and not yours. So I sent it back to draft. Can you please tell me where I would find the setting so that it displays the name of the actual author and not me. Thank you

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