Hollow Happiness!

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The filters transform

a monochrome soul

with a false facade

to a beauteous face

likes and follows grow by the mile

the heart revels in hollow happiness .

Thousands of virtual friends

but not a single real one.


85 thoughts on “Hollow Happiness!”

    1. I agree HS. I’ve noticed that the happiness one gets on social media is very short lived, so one is constantly trying to post and buy fleeting moments of attention and happiness.
      Thanks dear. Hope you are doing good!

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    1. Possibly Pallavi. But this is more for the people whose life revolves only on the likes their social media accounts garner, with hardly any real friends. While I am not discounting the benefits of it, one needs to have a kind of balance between the two.

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  1. I have been reading about social media lately. And its a fact that how much we depend upon others opinions for us. Your words reminded me of it. Rightly said it hollow.

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  2. The filters transform

    a monochrome soul
    These lines made me think of the filters of our perceptions that veil the truths of our soul – and then upon reading further I agreed with you on a very sad reality that you painted so beautifully with your words.

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    1. Thank you Pragalbha. We hide our true identity beneath layers of filter we paint ourselves on social media, getting sucked deeper into its web. Many end up being recluses and have to resort to therapy to come out of it.

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  3. This is a stark reality of the ill effects of social media, when people get too addicted to to, however, there is always a constructive solutions to things. One just needs to find the balance between social media and real life. Keep both of them at their own places.

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  4. Wow Radhika,
    You have pointed to the difficulty and comparisons that so many make on social media.
    The sad truth painted of so called perfect lives that others may aspire to which is so dangerous.
    Nicely done💖❣️

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  5. This hit so so sooo very hard! How I wish more and more people read this! You expressed in a few lines what the world really needs to hear. Social media makes people conceited. Period. The hundreds of virtual friends are good at saying “Take care” but no one actually wishes well for you. Thank you for this! This has to be said louder.

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    1. Exactly Sahana. We revel in all the likes that our posts and pics garner. I always feel it only gives us happiness which is short-lived and hollow. Sadly many seem to be smitten by that web of false euphoria.
      Thanks for your kind words and sharing your thoughts here. ❤️


  6. Very true. If we are artifical ourselves, then all we will get back from this world is artificial love. I like to think of who I am online as an alter-ego. Batman can still learn new things about the world that may better himself, but at the end of the day, he’s still Bruce Wayne. And we need to work on who we are in real life as well. Once again, the writing was wonderful. I’m in love with your poetry.

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  7. Hi, Radhika!
    Hope all is well at your end. I don’t know if you have a memory of any of our interactions before. I’ve been following your blog since a very, very long time. I couldn’t keep up with the pace of updating my blog everyday and I guess laziness took over but now I’m hoping to keep myself updated. I was going through blogs that I follow and was reading your posts. Its such a delight to read your compositions. They’re amazing- like always. Wish you the best. 🙂 ❤

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