Driving Me Crazy!

Woman, Crying, Drawing, Tears, Sadness, Loneliness

The trauma which I had buried deep

mistaking it to be dead,

sadly lay unforgotten, in a slumber  

tucked away in a remote corner of my heart.

Shadows eclipsed under the blanket of time emerge,

as ghosts of the past, start to haunt my present.

Wispy fringes of pain gather momentum

inundates my mind with a broody melancholy.

A sense of estrangement overwhelms my being,

conflicting dissonance envelopes my psyche.

Dismantling my marquee of balance,

it holds my sanity to ransom,

driving me to the brink of insanity!

Reena’s exploration challenge #190 : Insanity

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Unforgettable


76 thoughts on “Driving Me Crazy!”

  1. I can think of people suffering this, it is difficult to watch them hurt like this, yet the journey is inescapable for all of us in some or other. I feel it in your words. Beautiful words in poetry as always 💛

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  2. This seems realistic, Radhika. In high school PE, we had a unit on mental illness. I was very worried because I seemed to have every symptom mentioned in the class. I later figured out that mental illness is an exaggeration of something everyone has experienced to a degree at one time or another. Excellent portrayal! ❤

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    1. All of us have to deal with a fair amount of mental stress in this journey of life. Though, I am fortunate not to have experienced depression, I am not in a position to comment on what people suffering from it actually go through.
      I am glad that though you had those symptoms, you did not let it overwhelm you.
      Thanks and take care dear Cheryl ❤️

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