Transient Fame!

Image credit; Sean Robertson @Unsplash

Ruling the glamour industry

much sought after face

sashaying across the ramp

basking in all the adulation

stardom felt eternal.

Spotlight shifts focus

today, my face  is a mere poster on the wall with graffiti.

Forgotten, as tides of time change.

I try to chase the elusive limelight,

only to realize,

fame is like a sparkler

burning till the light fades


Sadje’s WDYS #90


74 thoughts on “Transient Fame!”

  1. The truth and price to pay for stardom Radhika, very well put! A sparkler dazzles for a moment and then disappears into obscurity , while a candle burns slowly with a pale glow through a longer life.

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  2. I loved how apt the poem is for the picture! Clinging to youthful beauty is such a true suffering of most of us in one way or another 🙂 And it is so much more miserable for those who derived most of their self worth and fame from that.

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  3. Radhika, the depth of your poem took me back in time when i was young and to my now dog- eared quote book. There i found what i was looking for….. the lines penned by the famous poet Robert Brown.To quote him….he says

    ” Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be,
    the last of life,for which the first was made”

    Beauty fades, it fades with time, The heart grows ….fonder with time.

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