Painting Poetry!

Girl, Window, Beauty, Hands, Dreamy, Flashback, Thinks

I sit by the window with a cup of coffee

 watching my thoughts meander.

In gay abandon, they drift like the wispy dandelions,

scattering fragments across the cascading beams of the morning rays,

across the wooded trail,

ruffling the russet autumn leaves into a gaily prance,

kissing the honeyed petals bright,

splashing around in the cool gurgling brook.

Infused with the scents of nature,

I collect my thoughts with tender love.

The white paper waits in anticipation

for the words from my quill

to paint a poetic portrait of verses.

dVerse open night link hosted by Linda.


85 thoughts on “Painting Poetry!”

  1. Divine✨ Your words felt like bliss to my soul🦋 When the next person connects to your writings that’s the biggest credit for a writer🦋 you deserve tons of credit for the way observe and the way you blend it with your emotions and bleed it over the paper ❤️📍

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  2. amazing poetry!! I can see that you really nailed on the vocabulary.. its got a great reach on the reader!!:)) I’ve got a poetry blog too check it out at

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