Masquerade of Love!

Roses, candle light dinner, gifts and a romantic ambiance. A perfect picture to upload on social media. She was lost in the daze of the likes, comments and envy the valentine special picture would evoke from her online friends. She only hoped that the people would remain oblivious of the charade they were putting up to maintain their social status and fail to see the widening rift in their relationship.

beneath the façade

empty hearts bereft of love

cosmetic pretense

Sadje’s WDYS #121


Happy Diwali !



celebrate the festive spirit

with joy, mirth and prayers.


burn the ego that resides within

dispel darkness of ignorance with wisdom.


brighten a life, with a kind deed

light up homes with sparkling smiles.


make this Diwali soundless

but one, that reverberates with

the laughter of family and friends.

A very happy and joyous Diwali to all my blogger friends 🙂

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