The Treasure Hunt!!



Laying hands on an ancient map, the trio spent months decoding it. Finally they were just one step away from the hidden treasure. They had to drive into the pond that mysteriously appeared on the new moon night. A risk worth taking they decided. So into  the pond they drove and …..

Letter count : 278 letters

In response to Kat’s twittering tale# 65 

The challenge is to tell a story in 280 characters or less based on the picture prompt!




26 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunt!!”

  1. coming from a Calvin & Hobbes bent of mind ;), i am tempted to say they sank right into the pond… after-all can ponds be roads?… but then that’s the beauty of human imagination… which the author has very deftly left it to the readers imagination 🙂
    I ponder what would be the readers plight if Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle missed pinning down the murderer??

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    1. Thanks Karthik. That’s the beauty of a fictional piece. The writer can create a picture and paint it the way he wants it to be or just leave it to the readers interpretation to fill it up!!! Some stories are best left at the cliff hanger!


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