2nd Anniversary!


I hit the publish button for the first time on this date exactly two years back for my first post, “Life lessons from Mom”. (It somehow got deleted down the line and I reposted it again on her birthday!). The thrill of receiving my first like, comment and follow is still fresh in my memory.

A melange of musings,

thrill of completing challenges,

fantasy in fictions,

passion for photography,

questions of the questioning mind,

sharing the bliss of nature’s beauty,

unravelling emotions in poetry….

my reflections have always been supported by you my dear friends, making my blogging experience so enriching.  Heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for sharing your warmth and love through your feedback, likes and follows. My endeavor to learn from all of you , in this path of a potpourri of words and verses will continue.

Signing off, with the hope that the family of radhikasreflection grows globally . A big thank you to one and all ❤ !

Ps: The above pic is specially designed by my daughter for this post!



117 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary!”

      1. Radhika can I do an interview on you for my other blog Meet the Bloggers, please?
        You have great talent and I’m sure others need to know more … 🙂

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  1. Congratulations, Radhika. I remember those days. I saved all the notifications of 50 follows, 50 likes all the way to 1337 and WordPress stopped notifying me. I waited until 2 days ago to delete some files. You have 3,343 followers, what an exciting journey. ❤

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  2. Congratualtions, Radhika! 🎉 I bet the time has flown by – it’s been a joy to meet you here and read your posts, thoughts, poems. Here’s to the next few years … enjoy! By the way, the image is delightful and well done to your daughter. xx

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  3. Congratulations Radhika!!! This is so wonderful and amazing!! 😃 an accomplishment!! we thoroughly enjoyed your reflections and your enthusiastic responses on our posts as well! looking forward to many more!!
    PS: this drawings is beautiful!! Cute gesture!!

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    1. Thank you so much my friend for the lovely wish. In this short journey I have not only grown as a writer but as a human being too by meeting such wonderful personalities like you and learning something from each of you. So thanks for that 🙂

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      1. It has been a pleasure to get to know a remarkable person like you and get to experience a terrific array of your literary compositions …overall a delightful human being!! 😊 thanks for everything!!

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  4. Your post put a smile on me and also I felt proud knowing the feeling of how it all begins and then what a joy to reach this far 🙂 Wishes galore on continued success and happiness Radhika! Aditi your daughter did a wonderful picture for this post!

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  5. Firstly, congratulations, Radhika. And what a lovely picture to celebrate this publication. I will continue to be a fan of your poetry, you weave absolute magic with your poems. Wishing you all the best as I too hope that your family in this blogosphere continues to grow.

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    1. Thanks so much Pranitha for all the encouragement you constantly shower on my blog. I admire your ability to wrap a serious thought provoking issue with the humour of your words, always making it so enjoyable to read. 💕

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      1. It is always a pleasure, Radhika. With friends like you in the blogosphere, it warms my heart to read your thoughts and feedback after every post as much as I enjoy reading your beautiful poems, prose and pictures.

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