Nature – Surreal Splendor!


An ardent lover of nature, I believe nature is a treasure trove of beauty and joy. She dazzles our senses with the feelings of awe, wonder and amazement at her sheer beauty.

The confluence of the varied facets of nature’s immense artistry is there for all to see. The wafting clouds, winding rivulets, snow-capped mountains, green meadows, glorious horizon, starlit night sky, vibrant smiling flowers, all complement and complete nature. No concrete structure however magnificent it is, can match the alluring charm of nature. To me she is all encompassing epitome of beauty.

“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere! “Vincent Van Gogh.

Today, I will focus the spotlight on the many roles that she dons.


The gurgling brooks, the roaring thunder, the dancing winds, the gentle rainfall, humming bees, chirping birds, the undulating waves , the cascading waterfalls, trill of the insects, all her musicians play their part to perfection in creating a scintillating symphony. Truly they play an ebullient orchestra!


An artist par excellence, she paints the horizon with a riot of colors depicting her mood.  Many painters have attempted to capture her glory on canvas. From the vermilion and tangerine streaks, to the diffused hues of purple across the azure horizon, the pristine white clouds to the tar grey, the lush greens to the ochre yellows, the calm emerald blue waters to the shimmering gold, the pristine snow clad splendor to the ember autumn glow, the grandeur of the majestic mountains to the ravishing valleys, she looks radiant in all her avatars!


The confused mind, broken heart and the bruised body, all find solace under her benevolent grace. She energises and rejuvenates the body and mind.  Her tranquil and serene persona infuses an eternal calm to the seeking soul. She indeed dons the role of a therapeutic healer with élan!


O la la….. Nature loves to play cupid in many love stories. She pens a perfect script and setting for a romantic evening under the silvery moonlight and the confetti of the twinkling stars. The raindrops, snowfall and the whispering cool caress of the breeze, all kindle the amorous souls to compose beautiful poetries of love and passion.


Ever providing and giving to one and all, creating a nurturing sanctuary for dwelling, she is a boon to mankind, a celebration of existence and an elixir of life!

What is nature to you?




91 thoughts on “Nature – Surreal Splendor!”

  1. I was just reading some random posts and I came across your blog.
    This post would have been beautiful had it been written as a poem. Still, It’s really good as in it’s current form. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Nature is when i forget everything and just admire and get lost in it…all the pains, worries, stress and bad health…everything gets replaced by serenity and calmness of senses….but one worry does return afterward…that how we humans are taking it for granted and piling on garbage and pollution on it and expecting it to clean it up for us!! Ultimately choking it up!!

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    1. Yes, that is surely a cause of worry. But we still have some beautiful pockets , pristine and pure, untouched by the humans. I pray that with the rising awareness we restore atleast a part of its glory before we are totally choked.

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      1. Yes i do hope so!!! We do have time!!
        Few days ago i was reading an article about a report which was from an organisation which monitors the natural resources usage around the world, and according to it, humans have already used up this year’s quota of the earth by start of August itself…by quota it means the amount of resources which can be regenerated by nature in a year…so we are already past it and going to need resources equivalent to 1.5 earths…ie using more than the nature can refill!!

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  3. Wow, what a post! Wonderfully written!❤️

    “…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
    ― Vincent van Gogh


  4. Wow! A good one, Radhika. Nature has rendered man her bounty, everything to sustain him and render him a beautiful life, yet, humanity took her for granted and made her their dumping ground irking her fury. It is time we learn to respect her wishes too for she has exhausted her patience and there is no better message that she has left behind after the floods that devastated humanity and all that he considered his own!

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  5. so amazing. I am glad I came across your page. Nature to me is everything. It gives peace and sanctuary to my mind when today’s world starts to become overwhelming. I love to walk in silence and listen to the world within nature. Thank you for appreciating such beauty

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