Magic of Books!

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Pages of a book flutter, in the tiny hands,

letting him peek into a world beyond imagination.

Piquing the tender mind’s curiosity,

books present a palatable platter for every age.

The kaleidoscopic web of enticing genre,

 churn a potent alchemy of awe and learning,

captivating the reader, conjuring a riveting spell.

Their magical potion works like a charm,

kindling a happy lifelong friendship with books!

Sadje’s WDYS #139


Gustatory Indulgence!

The pack of freshly baked donuts on the table,

entice me with their alluring flavors,

delighting my senses with heavenly aroma.

Classic, cinnamon and coffee work their magic on me,

 as my will power melts under their saccharine glaze.

I succumb to the temptation of a sinful indulgence.

I gently pick up one, inhaling its flavorsome redolence.

The sugary sprinkles peck my lips, with a flirtatious tease.

A bite into the soft glazed buns, leaves me in raptures.

I revel in the tantalizing effect it has on my taste buds.

Satiated, my mouth drools a dulcet harmony.

Well, I guess I am forgiven

for committing adultery with my diet plan.

It was after all, just a onetime scrumptious affair!

Sadje’s WDYS # 103

Reena’s Xploration challenge # 202

Monsoon Nirvana!

person walking on road between green grass field during daytime

Monsoon bells ring in the month of August, as the entire Indian peninsula is under a cloud cover. The country revels, as pellets of rains kiss the parched earth, providing much relief from the sweltering heat that saps all energy. Fresh organic landscapes replace the arid barren plains. The insipid leaves indulge in an emerald green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastures hide under a lush grassy duvet, farmers send in a prayer of gratitude and romantic hearts drench in amorous reverie.  Man and nature rejoice, under the magical spell of the rains.

heavenly showers

verdure poetic canvas

monsoon nirvana

dversepoets Haibun Monday : August

Inky Tales!

Reena’s exploration challenge #166.

“inkblots mutate

to form pictures,


stories I did not create”

You are required to find a picture from your Media library, sites for free pictures, or your phone camera and post it on your blog. Copyright if any will remain with you.”

My interpretation to this very unusual prompt.

Creative marvels

colors of ink weave stories

myriad artists

What an Experience!

Reena’s exploration challenge #160.

You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours. When it finally opens, what do you see?


As a kid, the land of fairies and goblins, witches and demons, knights and palaces always fascinated me. I looked up in awe at the mythical characters with their super powers. Their gift to fly in the open sky or dive to the bottom of the ocean, save the princess in distress… ah the world of fantasy always enchanted me. Well, real life is poles apart from this utopian world. Growing up, this fascination got buried somewhere deep in my heart. Life and routine happened.

 Exhausted after another long day at work, I headed towards the elevator to get home, praying that I would be spared by the serpentine weekend traffic. I pressed the parking level button and was catching up on the messages on my phone. Wondering what was taking so long for the elevator to reach the basement, I looked up to see the indicator. I was shocked to see a blinking red arrow pointing down and felt the elevator spiralling down. Panic hit me. I tried to ring the alarm bell, make a call on my phone but none of them worked. After what seemed an eternity, the elevator finally stopped and the door opened. With trepidation in my heart, I slowly stepped out. The sight that greeted me was out of the world.

Bright sunshine smiled as if to welcome me. The green grassland with huge castles caught my attention beyond the valley filled with cascading waterfalls, chirpy birds and meandering butterflies. The moment I stepped into this place, I underwent a magical change. I found myself in a pretty white gown with a tiara and wings.  The breeze swirled, infusing sweet scents of the floral tapestry. A feeling of ecstasy enveloped me. Happy and smiling, with my arms stretched out, I spun around, my gown billowing, as each color embraced me with a sweet song.  I was pleasantly surprised when my wings started to flap and I could fly. Soaring into the blue expanse, I flew through the duvet of clouds and sparkles of rainbow. A fairy appeared before me. In a sweet voice she asked me to wish for 3 boons.

As I was about to ask for my wishes, I felt a thud. The door of the elevator opened and I found myself staring at the parking lot of my office building.  I walked towards my car, wondering whether I was day dreaming or was it an esoteric experience?

Magical Mountains!

In response to Linda’s Socs prompt:

Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post.

I have tried to write a poem with all words with m!

Misty mountainside

majestic magnificence mesmerises

mistral mellifluous melody

mellow moon magic

mystic moorings

memorable meaningful moments

meditative mind


Haiku – Dawn!


Prairie, River, Stream, Curved, Sunset, Sunrise, Nature

First blush of glimmer

bids farewell to dapper night

the crimson skies kiss


Balmy radiance

gently cascades touching life

luminous magic


V.J’s weekly challenge #106 : Touch

Eugi’s weekly prompt: Magic



Transient horizon paints

Tender tales of eventide

Tangerine strokes blend with indigo

Tease the heaven’s dreamy allure

Tacit zephyr wafts an ethereal fragrance

Tranquil mysticism embraces the lilac peaks

Twilight showers a starry mist.


Thanks to Aashi, learnt a new style of poetry today, Pleiades.  It has only one word in the title followed by a seven line stanza. The first word of each line begins with the same letter as the title. Hope you enjoyed it!

Paint your words challenge hosted by Kamya.

Mystic Magic!


The wondrous sky reflects a mystic grace as

the pearly moon casts a shimmer on the tranquil waters.

With an earnest prayer to bring her back,

the soul rows on, into the shadowy depths of a cerulean reverie

gathering the remnants of the once blossoming romance.

The benevolent stars illuminate her reflective heart

serenades a sanguine tune, a buoyant spirit smiles.

What do you see #7

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