In response to Helene’s What do you see? weekly challenge


Fighting the tremors of thoughts

dizzied by the voices that scream

battling the figments of doubt

that haunt me in an obscure embrace


In the din of the deafening silence

I strain to hear a feeble voice

emanating from deep within

through the veils of gossamer


I collect my deviant thoughts

envelope them with a blanket of

hope, trust and faith to

emerge out of the labyrinth

with stronger resilience!



39 thoughts on “Trapped!”

      1. O no, don’t mess with it, just reflecting on what came up for me, besides, sometimes the title can be helpful when it doesn’t give the theme away to quickly 🙂

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  1. Lovely poem Radhika. It can be frightening at times, loosing ourselves in the maze. You write of hope, trust and faith, which to me is what we need to make it on our journey. Bravo to a splendid composition for this prompt.

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