Beyond The Comfort Zone!

Image credit; Billow 926@ Unsplash

Refusing to nestle in her

soft and cushy environs,

she cleared the veil of doubts and anxiety.

The urge to explore the world,

make a mark, an identity,

pushed her to take the road less travelled.

Balancing the tussle between can and can’t,

she filled her heart with hope and promise

as she treaded on uncharted territories.

Not afraid to falter,

she let her dreams take shape,

for she knew beyond fear and failure

was the key to success!

Sadje’s What to you see #54: How does the above picture inspire you?

V. J’s weekly challenge: Soft


The Decision!

Image credit- Elena Mozhvilo- Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see prompt #47

Tears of happiness welled up in Gina’s eyes, as she watched her son being helped onto the stage to receive a prize for his painting. Today his paintings were much sought after, the world over, bringing him fame and money.

Walking back 20 years in time, she recalled the day, her world had shattered when her young son was diagnosed with autism. It took her some time to come out of the shock.  But she did not let fate define her son’s life.

She introduced him to the world of colors. Today, looking at his old sketch book she was glad with her decision.

Mother Earth’s Lament!

Lucas Pezeta@Pexels

For eons I lived as a spirited soul

nourishing and nurturing all

under my benevolent grace.


My vibrant persona, sparkled with

an eclectic mix of wild, free strokes

painted my canvas with a rich hue.


I danced in sublime ecstasy, as

floral scented zephyr hummed ditties,

life orchestrated a rhythmic euphony.


Until man came along, 


With his bag of never ending desires

he progressed well initially, respecting me

before greed overpowered his wisdom.


He robbed colors from my palette

shrouding me in a smoky grey

casting me in a colorless attire.


His plunders continue unabated

inflicting painful scars

oblivious to my silent tears.


My womb swells with his toxic influx

Isn’t it only a matter of time

before it becomes malignant?


What do you see #42

Reena’s exploration challenge : Colorless

Off Pitch!

Image credit- Stefan Keller – Pixabay

Serenades of the universe resonated in harmony

the flora and fauna played in perfect cadence

sublime melody of peace wafted across

composing an ambiance of tranquility.


Entered man, stealing the conductor’s baton

altering the configuration of the arrangement

the reverberations goes askew

the din deafens the quietude of nature.


O divine mother, I ask for forgiveness,

I bow down to thee with reverence

help man tune his offbeat keys

to restore the rhythm of the cosmic orchestra.


In response to Sadje’s What do you see #37


Healing Sea!

ic: Akshay Premjith@ pixabay

Fractured dreams lie scattered

pathos looms large

over whelming emotions of life ebb

raucous din reverberates.


As I walk on the sandy shores at morn

timeless whispers of the undulating waves

play a song ,

the consonance of the tides

ring in a reflective melody.


I watch my footprints in the sands of time,

to realize, my illusionary myopic worries

seem to be a minuscule speck,

in the expansive vastness.


The damp redolence of saline breeze

cleanse my emotional core

washing away the chaotic cache,

filling me with propitious vigor!


V.J’s weekly challenge: MorningV.J’s weekly challenge: Morning

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Song

Sadje’s :What do you see challenge # 20


The Makeover Gift!

In response to Helene’s weekly challenge What do you see ?


I look at myself in the mirror of life.

Unhappy with what I see,

A makeover is the call of the day

Lets begin, I tell myself!

To cleanse the body and soul

I learn to forgive and forget,

snip off my inflated ego ,

In the bargain realize

I have lost a few kilos.

Indulge the soul in a meditative spa

Cleaning all the grime of pride

I dab it with a layer of charity .

Choose an attire of floral sunshine

line my eyes to see good in others

highlight my face with smiles that travels miles

seal it with positive affirmations

color my lips with sweet talk

accessorize the look with loads of gratitude

perfume it with divine fragrance of prayers

put on the shoes to lead me on a righteous path.

All set,

I present myself with the gift of now.

Ah! Just love this makeover

I have gifted myself,

I bask in the compliments

life showers on me!


In response to Helene’s What do you see? weekly challenge


Fighting the tremors of thoughts

dizzied by the voices that scream

battling the figments of doubt

that haunt me in an obscure embrace


In the din of the deafening silence

I strain to hear a feeble voice

emanating from deep within

through the veils of gossamer


I collect my deviant thoughts

envelope them with a blanket of

hope, trust and faith to

emerge out of the labyrinth

with stronger resilience!


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