Where is the festive spirit?

In response to Eugenia’s ( BrewNSpewCafe ) writing challenge : Festive

Sweets, Indian Sweets, South Indian Sweets

The booming economy and changing times

have diluted the essence of celebrations.

Festivals, which reflected cultural tradition

today is more about flaunting riches.

The warmth of cohesive affability is

replaced by instant gratification.

Instagram is bombarded with

pictures of the pomp and grandeur displayed.

Fragrance and bonhomie of the festive spirit

sadly, remains obscure and scattered.


45 thoughts on “Where is the festive spirit?”

      1. Two major changes of the times immediately come to mind as having impacted festivities in a large manner: 1) joint families giving way to nuclear setups and 2) Sprawling chawl communities making way for tiny confined boxed residences. They’ve hampered the family and community festive spirit.

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  1. I agree, Radhika, the motives behind holiday festivities have changed the true meaning of getting together with family and friends. I miss the simpler times when tradition and family were the core of quality in life.

    You have wonderfully expressed what so many are feeling during the holiday seasons. Thank you so much for joining in. 😉

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  2. I completely agree with you Radhika.
    I believe we are the last generation of people who used to wait for for each festival, as it used to be an occasion of meeting with relatives, friends, and wonderful food.Now festivals are celebrated so that there could be ‘sale’ shopping.

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      1. Absolutely right Radhika. I used to be so enthusiastic for whole year festivals, as during each festival there will be different pooja, different food and homemade sweets. Now front 3-4 pages of newspapers are full of advertising all different sales in the country as if that’s the only thing festivals are meant for.


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