Random Musings – कल Vs Tomorrow

Alive, Awake, Aware, Hands, Embrace, Holding, Being

आज, कल की यादों से लड़ रही थी मैं,
आने वाले कल की परेशानियों को भी ,आज जी रही थी
कल और कल के इस कश्मकश में,
मै आज को जीना ही भूल गयी .

Today, I fought with yesterday’s memories ,

and am living tomorrow’s worries also.

In the tussle between yesterday and tomorrow,

I forgot to live today.





62 thoughts on “Random Musings – कल Vs Tomorrow”

  1. सही बात है | इंग्लिश में हमारे एक कहावत : परेशानी मत उधार लो | “Don’t borrow trouble.” and it is so true. We can easily fall down the hole of thinking about the worst things that could happen tomorrow to the point where we don’t even get to enjoy today.

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      1. I’m glad you like it. I find it helpful sometimes. Other time the mind just seems to have a will of its own 🙂

        Yes, I speak Hindi. I’ve been studying for a while. I still need to improve my vocabulary a bit but it’s harder to do living in a mostly English-speaking place. Fortunately, though, Toronto has many Hindi and Urdu speakers, and many in my own neighbourhood also speak Hindi so every now and again I do get some practice.

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      2. Bahut khushi huyi Todd yeh jankar ki aapne hindi mein kai lekh likhe hai.
        Read the link you sent and I must say your Hindi is very good.🙏👌 Will try to catch up few more on your blog!


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