Hidden Emotions!


Abstract figures, contours,

appear to ramble

incoherent thoughts.


The jagged emotions

deftly concealed

behind the colors bright.


Only the discerning eye

reads between the lines

to decipher the depth of pain.


Reena’s exploration challenge #146, Cubism.


76 thoughts on “Hidden Emotions!”

  1. An absolute glimpse of human nature, sharp edged but useful to mend bridges, smooth sometimes like a deadly venom,
    Shapes do matter, but what do they conceal within is not easy to know….Life….life it is

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  2. Its a wonder how some people are able to extract emotions out of the abstract art displayed during the art festivals.
    I think it takes a discerning eye, as you point it out, something we might need to cultivate.
    Nice poem, well written.


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