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Life is a constant learning,

experience the greatest teacher.


I have learnt to listen to my heart.

Pleasing others is not a priority anymore,


I have realized over time,

that in doing so, I lost myself.

Now I collect the fragments of me

join them together,

Oh! It may not be perfect,

but it is me.

I let my imperfections define me,

my identity is who I am,

and now,

I have learnt to carry it with pride!


V.J’s weekly challenge #107 : Listen


90 thoughts on “Identity!”

  1. Excellent Radhika – Experience and learning are key, Going by heat and living with pride are the essentials of our life. When I go on my next holiday to one of the forest, am going to read all your poems. What I like in your poem is you convey lot of meaning with few words or lines.

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  2. Broken, shattered, scattered, relinquished, up and running again.
    The path to my destiny awaits, i thus shunned the fears of the stones flying towards me, as for my will, even stones feel like flowers….

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  3. There is an ease in flow and expresion that I admire…
    My old habit still doesn’t forbid me to pain my own canvas whenever I read a poem…I know it’s an ugly self that reigns the emotions, may be mine or many not be, but it is a brutal mind that atill confines my soul and ruin my true sense of appreciation…
    I am a slave of my mind…long liberated myself from notions and visions of others…to seek an identity of my own…collaging my fallen leaves of wishes and deeds strwen all over the beaten path….weaving a garland for life to hold in its stretched hands as offering to the seed that borne a misplaced couurage to propser through me…I lie with pieces while my mind continues to grin in securing my captivity…its inviaible chains are made of my sense of freedom…its ruses lie in my faith….its passion breed in my sacrifice….I wanted to be my master….but ignore my mind watching me from behind
    Thanks for such an inspiring poem that whispered me to say something to my my
    My regards


  4. Omg…. This piece just took my heart 💕 away
    Such a beautiful and much needed thought
    We should not change ourselves to fit in someone else’s puzzle
    We should be ourselves in every situation and see that who all are with the REAL us.

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