The sea of people swarming

seem oblivious to my feelings

which swell, inundating my soul.

The tussle continues unabated

my thoughts scream yet,

the deaf ears do not heed

each one, engrossed in their bubble.

My mind plays diabolic games,

I wallow in guilt and self pity.

The unsaid words are imprisoned

within the walls of despondency

refusing to let the ray of light enter

before spiraling  into an emotional abyss.

Sadje’s WDYS # 67



Surreal, Dream, Face, Woman, Dreams, Wishes, Fiction

Life is a constant learning,

experience the greatest teacher.


I have learnt to listen to my heart.

Pleasing others is not a priority anymore,


I have realized over time,

that in doing so, I lost myself.

Now I collect the fragments of me

join them together,

Oh! It may not be perfect,

but it is me.

I let my imperfections define me,

my identity is who I am,

and now,

I have learnt to carry it with pride!


V.J’s weekly challenge #107 : Listen

If Only….

Ear, Mouth, Nose, Face, Head, Voices, Talk, Whisper

Silent tears flowing

crashing waves against the shore

meandering butterflies

halcyon breeze of the eventide

twinkling stars outside the window

undulating emotions of the mind

reflections in the bare mirror

the quietude in solitude

reveries of the subconscious

behavior of our body

paths we tread on

vibrations of the cosmos

a mere touch, a look, a hum

all whisper secret messages to us,

if only we have the ear to hear them!



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