The sea of people swarming

seem oblivious to my feelings

which swell, inundating my soul.

The tussle continues unabated

my thoughts scream yet,

the deaf ears do not heed

each one, engrossed in their bubble.

My mind plays diabolic games,

I wallow in guilt and self pity.

The unsaid words are imprisoned

within the walls of despondency

refusing to let the ray of light enter

before spiraling  into an emotional abyss.

Sadje’s WDYS # 67


83 thoughts on “Depression!”

  1. This is a very relatable post – line after line described in perfect beautiful words – making evident the pain of invisibility and the inescapable inner turmoil, the loneliness that depression brings for one. Truly so important to be kind no matter what because we never know.

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    1. Exactly Pragalbha. It is very important for family and friends to understand the pain and agony the person is suffering from is undergoing. Many a time, they are not willing to accept that depression can happen to their family member.

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      1. Yes exactly I agree with you, there is not much awareness and the tendency is to deny it. Simple words of support and affirmation could be a good contribution from them that would make all the difference, instead there often is judgment too.

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  2. I can relate Radhika, the abyss and deep, dark echo unheard by the wall and bars. It feels like being jailed. A fitting tribute to souls in depression and what we can do is tender a hand and without judging. Powerful.

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  3. Radhika, an incredibly powerful and raw poem depicting the utter isolation and devastation of depression … where many struggle to verbalise the extremes of emotions you do so with beauty, starkness and utter truth. Wonderful … I hope light enters this person’s life soon!

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  4. Reblogged this on Reflections Of A Millennial and commented:
    Loved this poem, beautiful characterization of the feelings one goes through in a state of depression.

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  5. Depression is real and very dangerous I speak from experience, you think people are happy because they look and seem happy but really on the inside they are suffering and are being tormented by unseen forces
    Never Lough at a person because of something they can’t change one day you will become the spark that leads to their last demise
    Thanks for this post ❤️😊👍

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  6. Depression is a web that never lets anyone out of it, unless one tries with all their strength to get out of the situation. In these cases no one can help better than one’s own determination.

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