Kevin Ku @unsplash.com

Mired in a labyrinth,

a constant battle ensues

keeping pace with

each passing moment.

Fraught with the burden of

schedules and targets

payments and presentations

books and exams,

digital inundation,

competing with the

frenzy of the ticking clock

pressure mounts.


the emotional dam bursts,

 a deluge of chaos transpires.


time lures us

into its deceptive loop.

Life shrinks

as # deadline is trending now!

Reena’s exploration challenge #156


64 thoughts on “#Deadline!”

  1. Haha, nice portrayal of everyday life struggles, especially dealing with the pressures of the approaching deadlines. β€œkeeping pace with each passing moment.” this seems to be where we are all at, quite a conundrum to both live life fully and keep up with the time. A Beautiful Poem Radhika!

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  2. Can relate a bit too strongly to this, having signed off from work just 30 mins back πŸ™‚ madness traded in name of deadlines.
    Beautifully worded, nice, crisp, decisive and with enough trending touch of corporate keywords to make into a company’s mission statement ☺️ and god forbid if this falls into a project managers hands, to be used to motivate the team during… Deadlines πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. Living life like there’s a deadline is very unhealthy and toxic. You’ll totally miss out on everything. It’s like sleeping through the long ride towards your destination and you missing out on the beautiful journey.

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