Tanka – Diwali!

Pandemic days ebb

pirouetting flames of diya*

brightens festive mood

vibrant emotions dazzle

heralds celebration time

The dark shadows of the virus seem to drift away, as the winds of normalcy brings in a much-needed reprieve. With all things opening up and life returning to pre covid times, we pray for a better tomorrow. Hoping the sparkling conversations and sounds of laughter replace the din and smog of the crackers. Let’s illuminate our earth with the dazzle of love and peace.

Happy Diwali to all !

*earthen lamp


60 thoughts on “Tanka – Diwali!”

  1. Radhika, I hope you and your family had a wonderful celebration. You describe it with such beauty and joy. I think all celebration days will be extra special as we can (at least for now) be together. I agree wholeheartedly with your wish of ‘Let’s illuminate our earth with the dazzle of love and peace.’ May it be so! xx ❤️

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    1. We had a lovely celebration for Diwali, Annika. Absolutely! The fact that we could connect with family and friends after such a long time, was such a joy. Thank you so much for joining me in wishing our planet happy and peaceful days ahead 🙏❤️. Much gratitude for your kind words!!

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