Poem Published!

Watercolor, Portrait, Character, Girl, Woman, Flowers

Happy to share that my poem “Spring” is published on Spillwords.

Please click here to read the poem.


Creative Strokes!


Ideas conceived in the creative mind

envisages a vision


experimenting contours flirt

endless sketches

crumpled sheets

spectrum of color fills the palette

caresses the canvas with strokes

bold and beautiful,

delicate and sublime

a creative blend unfolds

prolonged labor


births an artistic masterpiece!

Color of Love!


Insipid, hackneyed expressions

the heart lay bare, devoid of emotions

her existence ,like a blank paper

embracing an inane, colorless, life,

defined by cocooned boundaries.


He comes in like a breath of fresh air

paints her canvas with a myriad hues

the mirror reflects a kaleidoscope of feelings

her dreamy eyes admire the intense tinge

his fragrance permeates deep within

to a blush of dark crimson flush

her heart illuminates to the color of love!

Overcoming Obstacles!

In response to secretkeeper.net’s weekly writing prompt #116. The challenge is to use the 5 words given below (or their synonyms ) in a poem or flash fiction.



Obstacles halt your path

life punches hard, kicks you down

bruised and distraught

the spirit is deflated.


Entangled in a web of turmoil

the urge to quit is strong

but the mind refuses to surrender

trying to find the key to the chaos.


With the head held high

embracing faith and courage

the veil of troubles lay untangled

to view the colours of the rainbow.


Wounds turn into wisdom

courage replaces fear,

bitter feelings become better

honed and chiselled ,

you emerge stronger!






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