Photography – Connect!

Lock down has forced people to think of different ways to keep themselves creatively occupied. Be it reading, writing, cooking, a hobby, giving their home a makeover, are all on their ” to do lists” right now. Connecting back seems to be the underlying commonality between the various interests that people are pursuing. Basically they are returning to the roots, connecting better with nature, enjoying the sounds of chirps and chimes, (thanks to the absence of  the loud honks), indulging in some soul therapy, rekindling long forgotten memories and bonding with family.

Hope we continue this connect, post this testing time for us.


Dutch goes the photo prompt : Connect


The Number Game!

Marks sheet, profits, statistics, sizes,

wealth, medical reports, matches, mileage,

Life is a number game isn’t it?

Numbers define success and failure

sometimes more is good and at times not.

But why do we fail to measure and tabulate

values, tears, smiles, beauty or love?

Guess, somethings in life are priceless!






Tuesday photo challenge: Numbers

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