Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #51 : Peace

Profits plummet, stressful life, peace elusive.

Her wealth could not buy peace.

Meditation introduced her to inner peace.


The Metamorphosis!

Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay

Born with a silver spoon,

callous, cavalier attitude

defined his personality,

life, was sinful vulgar indulgence.


 one incident radically transformed him.


he lives with his master in the distant hills

donating all his riches,

 a new identity, pens  the next chapter,

gives renewed meaning to life

the debris of the past buried,

his soul brims with contentment

experiences abundance of spiritual wealth.

Word count 64

Sammi’s weekend writing prompt : Cavalier (write prose or poetry in exactly 64 words)

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Identity

Sadje’s what do you see #38

V.J’s weekly challenge # 104 : Next chapter

Tanka: Plenty & Meander


 Infinite thoughts drift

across the reflective mind

embrace mindfulness

spiritual aura diffused

wealth of tranquil inner peace.

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge – Plenty & Meander, with the condition to use their synonyms only!

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