Alphabet T – Thoughts

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Thoughts are nomadic by nature. They enter the mind without permission, at any time of the day or night. Having a strong mind of their own, they can be very adamant at times. They take shape of positive or negative, fleeting or profound, chaotic or structured and at times utterly nonsensical. Some just take a peek and vanish, while some others build a nest and continue to stay on.

Thoughts have something magical in them. They define your temperament and moods. Though you cannot see it, you can feel its power. For they can drain you or pep you up. So be wary of feeding the right kind of thought. Else it will multiply manifold like a parasite, and within no time deflate you.

Many a time, the thoughts are just images, haphazard and scattered all around. To gather them, dress them with words and present them is a daunting task. While at other times they are so structured and crystal clear, flowing nonstop like a gurgling brook.

Depending on the words that dress them up, they present themselves in myriad hues and avatars. Be it a garden of vibrant blooms, or a starry constellation, a fiery flame or a tranquil reflection, a profound message or an enigmatic spell!


Thoughts are seasonal

the fertile mind sprouts ideas

at times they turn arid

but when rains kiss the parched mind

a literary garden blooms.


The above is a tanka poem.

Tanka is a poetry form which originated in Japan more than 13 centuries ago. In its purest form, tanka poems are most commonly written as expressions of love, self-reflection, and gratitude. It contains five lines and 31 syllables in the form of 5-7-5-7-7.





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