Alphabet U – Utopian World

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


A picture in my mind I paint

of an utopian world,

where the countries are free from

the shackles of boundaries

and universal brotherhood reigns.

Where equality is supreme,

irrespective of gender or religion.

I dream of a paradise in which

all dwell in harmony with nature

where hunger and poverty find no place

fear and terror give way to trust and calmness

kindness and  benevolence  replace greed and power.

 There is a thrust on seeking true knowledge,

where there is evolution of the soul.

Such is my vision for this world

where all the children of almighty

live in love and peace!




66 thoughts on “Alphabet U – Utopian World”

      1. We tell that because we are blessed with so many things in life. Think about people who don’t have a roof over their head and don’t have a clue if they will get their next meal….. There were people living happily when most things were perfect, before man started becoming greedy and taking law and nature in his hands to make the world miserable.

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  1. The great saint Aurobindo’s sadhana was to/ is to bring the heaven down to earth.

    Your lines are falling in line with his vision.

    . Ennobling indeed..

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  2. My wish is relatively more achievable. If countries continue to have boundaries like they do. But, they respect their boundaries and don’t indulge in terrorism or intruding into other countries to occupy their land. Prosper and grow within what you have.

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