Let’s walk together…

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With love as the locus of our relationship, let’s walk the talk, bridging the generation gap between us

converging on our divergent ideologies and identities, discarding the judgemental lens,

creating endearing stories of wizened wrinkles and vivacious spontaneity.

Let’s celebrate our differences, without any pretense, cementing it with a bond of acceptance,

sharing our joys, secrets, tears, resilience, translating moments to memories and lacing them with a twine of unconditional support for each other,

‘coz when the generations walk together hand in hand, the world radiates an ebullient spirit of harmony.

Sadje’s WDYS #141


C – Colors and Contrasts!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

You can read my earlier posts of the challenge here.


Nature’s moods define irised emotions, as she chooses from an ever-changing palette of shades and textures. Her aesthetic artistry beholds the eyes, with enchanting rapture. She exhibits a wide array of colors and contrasts.

Dreamy dawn’s diffused crimson, to dusk’s bold streaks of lavender and amethyst

azure blue expanse in conversation with white billowy nimbus

broody overcast sky burdened with dark charcoal clouds

dry arid earthy brown to the lush green forest canopy

serene aqua waters subdued by the tempestuous grey ire of the undulating waves

spirited tones of spring to monochrome of winter

lambent twinkling stars gleaming in the bosom of the velvety black yonder

the slumberous water shimmering under the glowing silver radiance of the moonlight

From vibrant to muted tints, nature encompasses a motley of chromatic hues in her persona. Seasonal changes, alter her composition and colors, yet their confluence paints a captivating mural of the landscape. She is in complete harmony in all her avatars.

Shouldn’t the same be true for us as well? We are all of different skin tones, belonging to distinct cultures, having varied personalities. So why is it that we engage in discrimination against fellow beings? Isn’t it time for us to practice universal brotherhood as one mankind?

Different strokes and colors

cohabit under the infinite sky

one red flows through our bodies,

each breath and heartbeat resonating

 a similar emotional tinge.

They bask under the sole yellow sunshine

glow under the radiance of the same moonlight.

Sounds of laughter and the tears of pain, are alike

hunger pangs and prayers are of identical hue.

When mankind is of one color,

then why the differences?

Theme Reveal: A to Z Challenge 2022!

I am happy to be taking part in the A-to-Z challenge 2022, through the month of April. This is my second appearance here. Last time was in 2017, where my theme was Kaleidoscope of Life. You can read the posts here.

To me nature has a magical connotation. It is much more than the surroundings around me. Every aspect, each layer of nature is interspersed with a deeper meaning, to understand and acknowledge with gratitude.

Life is defined by challenges at every step. Targets, deadlines, distractions keep us busy along with, loads of stress, that has become a way of life today. We are all fighting our emotional battles in life. Some falter, some are overwhelmed by its pressure while others succumb under its burden. But one who seeks the benevolent grace of nature, shifts his focus to listen to nature speak, basks under its healing marquee, emerges stronger with a resilient temperament. That is the power of nature’s magic.

The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest. It’s nature.” – Shikoba

I would be delighted to have your company on this month-long expedition of mine in exploring various facets of nature. So, hop on with me, as I let go myself through my thoughts, emotions and reflections into the welcoming arms of nature, admiring her alluring beauty, witnessing her naked vulnerability, shivering under her wrathful fury, appreciating her feral wilderness, and experiencing her serene persona. Enjoy the hues of the kaleidoscopic nature through my musings, poems and photographs through this odyssey. I have included a few of my poems from my blog which were very apt for this theme.

Be with me on my journey of transformation, with nature as a muse, healer, teacher, nurturer and protector. I tread deep into nature’s bosom to find some answers. Be a witness to how nature has helped me unlearn, learn, grow as a person. Each inhalation infused with nature’s blessing, helped me connect better with myself. This challenge is a dedication to Mother Nature who has been instrumental in discovering a new me, hence my theme for this year is Nature and I!

Sun n Sea – A Harmony!

Eastern sky glistens

the dreamy sea slumbers on

indolent waves ebb


golden sunshine smiles

sun-drenched tides unfurl magic

turquoise melange


emits a bright trail

kisses the western skyline

lulls the blue expanse


oceanic tides

weaves an endless saga of

cadenced harmony!






Transcending boundaries

breaking barriers of language

notes, rhythm, beats and tunes

synthesize in harmonious amalgam

conceive a musical piece,

Be it,

Harmonious or soulful,

Classical or contemporary

Fusion or funky

Groovy or hypnotic

Lyrical or modern

Playful or poetic

Grand or somber

Rhythmic or sonorous

Melancholic or upbeat

Vocal or instrumental

Operatic or eclectic

the melody that oozes

from music is universal.


In response to Freedom of Expression Challenge – ” Melody” hosted by Richa of iscriblr.com



WPC – Place in the world

A place in the world, my utopian dream

a quaint cottage, on a carpet of green

cradled in the morning mist

the ears drench in the gurgling brook’s melody,

the vibrant blooms , the swaying trees

meandering butterflies, the chirpy birds

all reside in my friendly neighbourhood.

The idyllic surroundings weave a sublime image

a warm confluence of nature’s grandiose

the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

of bountiful peace and tranquillity!


Ps: All the pictures were taken during our visit to Poland.

Musical Deluge!


Having a universal appeal, music transcends boundaries and genres.  Music is the rhythm of the soul, it is simply divine. It has the power to transport you to a paradise of rhythmic symphony.

This is exactly what happened when we attended a music concert organised by Banyan Tree called Barkha Ritu in my city a couple of days back. This festival celebrates the moods of the monsoon with the magic of music.

The first part was a Jugalbandi by flautists Rakesh Chaurasia and Shashank Subramanyam. The eclectic blend of North Indian classical and Carnatic styles were a treat to the ears. The perfect movement of fingers and breath produced magical tunes. As with the rains, the music cascaded from the gentle teasing, to a melodious flow and finally the tempo reaching the crescendo with the rollicking beats, it was ethereal! The accompanying artists on Tabla and Mridangam ably supported the maestros.

The next session was classical vocal by renowned singer Kuashiki Chakraborty.

What an amazing voice she is blessed with! Her range and mastery over the Raag left us spellbound. With each line, she cajoled, flirted, romanced and finally drowned in the ecstasy of the song. Her understanding of the finer nuances of the style was simply exemplary. The audience reveled in a musical trance. The program concluded with a thunderous standing ovation.

The three hours passed before we realised. The flawless rendition left us all craving for more. We left the hall soaking in the musical deluge.


Raag – Melodic mode in Indian classical music having a prescribed format

Jugalbandi – Performance that features a duet of two solo musicians


Alphabet U – Utopian World

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

ic: pinterest.com

A picture in my mind I paint

of an utopian world,

where the countries are free from

the shackles of boundaries

and universal brotherhood reigns.

Where equality is supreme,

irrespective of gender or religion.

I dream of a paradise in which

all dwell in harmony with nature

where hunger and poverty find no place

fear and terror give way to trust and calmness

kindness and  benevolence  replace greed and power.

 There is a thrust on seeking true knowledge,

where there is evolution of the soul.

Such is my vision for this world

where all the children of almighty

live in love and peace!



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