Theme Reveal: A to Z Challenge 2022!

I am happy to be taking part in the A-to-Z challenge 2022, through the month of April. This is my second appearance here. Last time was in 2017, where my theme was Kaleidoscope of Life. You can read the posts here.

To me nature has a magical connotation. It is much more than the surroundings around me. Every aspect, each layer of nature is interspersed with a deeper meaning, to understand and acknowledge with gratitude.

Life is defined by challenges at every step. Targets, deadlines, distractions keep us busy along with, loads of stress, that has become a way of life today. We are all fighting our emotional battles in life. Some falter, some are overwhelmed by its pressure while others succumb under its burden. But one who seeks the benevolent grace of nature, shifts his focus to listen to nature speak, basks under its healing marquee, emerges stronger with a resilient temperament. That is the power of nature’s magic.

The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest. It’s nature.” – Shikoba

I would be delighted to have your company on this month-long expedition of mine in exploring various facets of nature. So, hop on with me, as I let go myself through my thoughts, emotions and reflections into the welcoming arms of nature, admiring her alluring beauty, witnessing her naked vulnerability, shivering under her wrathful fury, appreciating her feral wilderness, and experiencing her serene persona. Enjoy the hues of the kaleidoscopic nature through my musings, poems and photographs through this odyssey. I have included a few of my poems from my blog which were very apt for this theme.

Be with me on my journey of transformation, with nature as a muse, healer, teacher, nurturer and protector. I tread deep into nature’s bosom to find some answers. Be a witness to how nature has helped me unlearn, learn, grow as a person. Each inhalation infused with nature’s blessing, helped me connect better with myself. This challenge is a dedication to Mother Nature who has been instrumental in discovering a new me, hence my theme for this year is Nature and I!


57 thoughts on “Theme Reveal: A to Z Challenge 2022!”

  1. Oh yes!
    “one who seeks the benevolent grace of nature, shifts his focus to listen to nature speak, basks under its healing marquee, emerges stronger with a resilient temperament. That is the power of nature’s magic.”
    This is a spectacular one month of meditative practice. How cool is this! Wow. Adore it.
    I am counting on NaPoWriMo for April.
    I’ll visit you often. Love nature poetry. Thanks for the heads up. I already know I’ll love it. Wow!

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  2. Sure Radhika, nature is a storehouse of elixirs…a tonic for body, mind and soul. Be it the gurgling waters or tall mountain peaks, or the shades of green meadows…all a splendor and an amazing experience.
    Waiting to hear from you and being with you on this spectacular journey 💓

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  3. So excited to read you, as every word you said here seeps with my true being since I was a child. I have been writing about nature for so long and I still feel there is so much to learn and explore.

    Excited to watch your stories unfold.
    I met you too at the A-Z 2017 challenge, Radhika when I wrote my first book based typically on nature – Travel Epiphanies.

    I wish you a wonderful month long journey of discovery and joy,

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    1. Hey Natasha. Yup I remember meeting you there. I downloaded your book on Kindle and read. Absolutely a marvelous read. Each of your journey so connected to nature. Loved it….the ghost episode at philipines I think, did give me goose bumps though.
      Thanks and looking forward to your company here in April 😊

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  4. I am already captivated by your words here – love beng steeped in teh descriptions for Motehr Nature here. Indeed it is more than our surroundings, it is literally us and all that we perceive within and without, an exquisite guide to our eartjly journey if we are willingly attentive – it is so beautiful to read from you, I am parked here waiting to enjoy all that you would graciously share with us.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more on the healing powers of nature, the best (only?) place to effortlessly being the moment, connect, exist. I’m grateful every day for living in area where forest is on my doorstep – our daily walks with my dog is the best time of the day for both of us! I’ll be back to read move from your perspective.

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