Who Am I?

Image credit; Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels

Who am I?

Am I the name my parents gave me?

Am I defined by the role of my relationships?

Am I the face that the mirror reflects?

Beneath the clamour of thoughts that plague my mind,

between the tangle of emotions, that blanket my heart

seeking external validation of the judgemental eyes,

I look to find myself.

I delve into the depths within, on a journey of self-discovery

my eyes scan for that elusive answer, which plays in the shadows.

I live on, trying to find my true identity.

Until then, I shall ruminate on, who am I?

Sadjes WDYS #134


65 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. It’s good to introspect, because more than anyone else, we need to know ourselves.
    ‘Who we are’ is a combination of many personal traits.
    It’s not that there is one moment when we have discovered ourselves.
    It’s an ongoing process, and we keep knowing ourselves more and more.
    Since ‘who we are’ keeps changing, the answer to the introspection to keeps changing.
    Nevertheless, this ongoing journey is very important.
    (My latest post: Online games and the idea of beauty)

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    1. Agree, Pradeep. It is an ongoing process which requires constant reflection and learning. Only with that comes a certain amount of growth and understanding. Thanks so much for sharing your inputs here. Have a good day!


  2. All such valid questions we navigate through contunually, to find ourselves landing into the space of our own being for a brief respite sometimes, and then again continue on the same, deeper enquiry. Beautiful poem, perfect for the picture.

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  3. Brilliant. We all go through this spiel in our head time and again. And the day we find ourselves, learning to love oneself-even the broken pieces; life opens up to a brand new horizon.
    Loved it, dear dear Radhika.

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  4. The journey of self discovery is often a lifetime….You expressed this yearning to discover one’s true self so beautifully in your words. Loved it Radhika… 👏👏👏

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