Beauty in Chaos!

blue white and pink abstract painting
Daniele Levis Pelusi@unsplash

Swirls in turbulence

rhythm in cacophony

pattern in randomness

melody in disharmony

 inspiration in conflict

perfection in divergence

art in a mess

connect in asunder

novelty in mundane,

If you pause and observe

there is beauty in chaos too!

Sounds of Solitude!

V. J’s weekly challenge: ” What pulls on your soul?”

Away from the rut of the mundane

as the wandering thoughts settle,

clouds of chaos dissipate

when all the noise is silenced,

I sit alone by the sparkling blue ocean

watching the tidal waves ebb,

soaking me with candid conversations,

washing away my wistful woes.

The nascent rays of dawn

usher in a promise of hope.

I hear their unspoken words.

 The sublime sounds of solitude

wrap my soul in a tranquil embrace.




Many of us feel routine to be so boring. We crib and complain that life is so mundane devoid of anything exciting. We just carry on with it, promising ourselves to plan something different and challenging soon.

But, one phone call or incident is all it takes to turn our routine upside down. Diagnosis of a medical condition, untimely death of a family member, an accident or any untoward incident can upset our life beyond control. God forbid an eventuality like this happen to anyone,  it is only then, that we appreciate the value and goodness of life going on smoothly, as in a routine.

Be thankful for routines too. It only indicates that ALL IS WELL!


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