Endangering Earth…

In response to Brenda’s wordle #418.

Write a prose or a poem using some or all of the words given.

Global warming, rising ocean levels, climate change, water crisis, forest fires are terms that have become common parlance today. What was earlier ignorance is now over powered by man’s greed, in plundering nature’s resources for his benefit. The adverse impact of this reckless behavior is escalating to be a very alarming situation. If man continues to ravage earth’s reserves at this rate, life on this planet is definitely numbered.  The only solution lies in ending our cruelty to nature, help her reinstate her lost glory and leave behind a planet worthy of living for our children.



Daily Prompt : Hospitality


The warmth of sunshine on a cold winter morn,

the branches joining in a canopy

providing shade to the weary traveller

rains, the sustainer and nurturer of life

the vibrant swaying flowers, add to the aesthetic beauty

the fruits satiating hunger

trees contributing to every breath,

O cruel man, how selfish can you get?

Enjoy nature’s hospitality

with gratitude, not by loot!

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